Expertise in pharmaceutical and Healthcare marketing

Since 2004 we have worked with numerous clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, optical, animal health and nutrition industries. This has enabled us to develop extensive knowledge and industry experience which we are able to share with our clients.

Whether we are working with prescription-only medicines, OTC products, or for a disease or patient awareness campaign, services are tailored to suit the audience whilst adhering to regulations. We make it our business to understand the parameters and often the limitations facing clients and the channels they can choose to market their services successfully.

Compliance and the adherence to specific industry codes of practice is key to the services provided by Medisa. Our systems, processes and operational structure are all designed to meet compliance regulations, with a focus on the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


Medisa is a long-standing member of Compliance Hub’s Agency Recognition and Training Scheme and all members of the Medisa team undertake annual ABPI training. This ensures that our teams fully understand the code of practice and how it impacts our clients.

All customer-facing personnel are trained in adverse events reporting. Client-specific training can be accommodated to reassure clients that adverse reporting processes will be managed according to both industry and business needs.

We believe that our focus on compliance, and the understanding of the healthcare environment and regulations, is an essential element in making Medisa an effective and trusted partner.

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