Sales Team and Head Office Ordering Catalogue

Pharmisa is a leading specialist provider in sales force support. It provides online ordering catalogues and administration tools for marketing collateral, promotional materials, exhibition stands and business-related items.

Currently supporting over 5,000 sales professionals and head office personnel, Pharmisa is simple, easy to use and responsively designed, making it the ideal partner for those office-based as well as sales teams on the road.

The Pharmisa software is highly functional and dynamic, designed to ensure that ordering of marketing and promotional materials is simple and straight-forward. Whether it is for simple standard orders, more complex meeting/event orders, repeat bulk orders or time specific standing orders.

Pharmisa provides a materials management and ordering system for both hard copy materials and digital items. Whether the materials are physically or electronically stored, the same systems and controls are in place.

Workflow notifications enable customers to manage and monitor every stage of the materials management process. Administration tools include:

  • Pre-notification of a delivery
  • The ability to manage allocations across different time periods
  • A simple returns/collection procedure
  • A recall and withdrawal process with full audit trail
  • Request for a material to be destroyed, quarantined or unquarantined
  • Personnel changes

Online reports are available to ensure clients have full visibility of the materials usage and ordering patterns, with a full audit trail of all activity.

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