is an online ordering catalogue that provides free information and resources to UK healthcare professionals, patients and carers.

Used primarily by the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, provides a low cost, compliant channel, allowing companies to provide physical and digital information directly to their target audiences.

The site is free of charge for users and it offers a wide range of information and resources across multiple therapy and disease areas. is a trusted source of information, used by over 58,000 healthcare professionals, patients and carers. With a simple ordering structure, visitors can browse the tailored catalogues to easily and quickly navigate to relevant content.

Clients select the customer groups that can view and place orders for their materials and determine the quantities that can be ordered. This ensures they remain in complete control. Once ordered, digital information is instantly available and physical information is delivered promptly to the intended audience.

The site provides comprehensive reporting including website and customer activity, work place delivery details, along with in depth analysis on materials usage allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the materials produced.

The ordering channel can be used to support a product at any stage of the product life cycle, from launch through to maturity. This provides you with greater flexibility about when and how to use the site in tandem with your wider marketing activities. can be used as a standalone channel, or it can be integrated into other sales and marketing activities. Medisa’s marketing team can help you integrate into your existing online and offline activity to deliver a truly integrated approach.

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