Reporting & Forecasting Tools

Reports to monitor the success of marketing activity is key for every client.

Medisa’s business intelligence team have developed the reporting capabilities to ensure data is provided at a time that is best for our customers, whether that is on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Web analytics and ordering data include website hits, customer group information, orders and conversion data. For physical materials ordered, data can also include work place address details providing invaluable information on demand and materials usage. Material data can also include run rates, returns and obsolescence, assisting teams with inventory and stock analysis.

Anonymised reports are provided where necessary, for example those that include patient data. Operating to the standards of ISO 27001, Medisa ensures data is held and processed in line with data protection regulations and with specific consideration towards personally identifiable information.

We also offer comprehensive forecasting tools to help our clients plan for and meet demand. An online pre-order service allows users to place orders in advance of campaigns. This in turn helps to minimise costs and waste by prefiguring the required amount of goods and materials to meet demand.

Working with clients, we can design, develop and deploy reports that provide the required reporting information needed to monitor success.

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