Medisa Incorporated

Websites are an important channel for organisations, used as a destination for audiences to learn more about a company, brand and the products they produce.

We design and build ordering portals which can be linked to from an existing client site, providing a seamless user experience when navigating between an existing website and Medisa ordering portal. Used across multiple industries, the ordering sites offer a natural extension to the core website.

Sites are customised and designed specifically for each client. The branded ordering portal enables both physical and digital information to be provided to target audiences, giving them the opportunity to request free of charge information at the touch of a button, from reading marketing content to ordering materials.

Sites are customised based on requirements and capabilities can include:

  • Campaign specific, brand/product focused or portfolio site across multiple brands/products
  • Tailoring content to specific audiences/customer groups
  • Extending the customer groups to accommodate an expansion in audience
  • Adding or removing catalogues and materials
  • Pre-ordering of materials
  • Forecasting reports to allow effective materials management
  • Bespoke reporting

Medisa Incorporated sites are designed to flex and support you as marketing strategies and brands evolve.

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