Campaign Support

Our aim is to provide the right support to our clients, at the right time.

We understand the importance of every stage within the campaign planning process and we focus on the areas which we provide support for, whether it is for a product launch or seasonal campaign. Our role within the campaign includes:

  • Collating and delivering materials to a pre-determined contact list within a specific timeframe
  • Launching a branded web-ordering site for both physical and digital items
  • Developing a pre-ordering site for customers to order materials through to determine print quantities
  • Streamlining processes where possible to reduce any unnecessary time, costs and waste
  • Advising on packaging options and alternative distribution services, to ensure that materials are both protected in transit and delivered on time

Our business intelligence team design and develop reports that enable effectiveness to be monitored.  Whether it is a forecasting reports to assist with pre-campaign planning or reports to monitor post campaign effectiveness and ROI, we can develop the reports that meet the project team’s needs.