Medisa services website

06 October 2020

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Medisa Services website.

Since 2004 the range of direct to customer services provided by Medisa has developed and it continues to be a growing part of CPG’s business.

Medisa Services website details the range of services offered, from online ordering sites and quick order forms, through to campaign management and literature fulfilment.

We provide easy to use, compliant and cost-effective solutions to deliver information and resources to target audiences, whether they are healthcare professionals, patients, veterinary staff or opticians.

The scope of services is broad, with a focus on meeting customer demand for information whilst supporting brand teams achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

In recent years the traditional marketing model has changed with a shift towards digital channels. The way that healthcare professionals and patients interact with healthcare providers and access content has changed and we have also evolved to meet these changing needs.

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