What resources do healthcare professionals and patients need?​​​​​​​

04 August 2021

Our survey completed by healthcare professionals who use Medisa helped us to find out what materials and support items HCPs need for themselves and their patients.

For HCPs, the top three types of materials and support items they would you like easy access to are:

  • Medicines/drug information
  • Online training tools and e-details
  • Demonstration devices and training aids

HCPs feel that the following materials would benefit patients:

  • Support items e.g. injection diaries, sharps bins, training aids
  • Online patient educational tools
  • Medicines/drug information

Help us to meet healthcare professionals’ and patients’ needs.

If you have information and resources which you want to make available online, contact Laura D’Souza on 01329 245600 to find out how Medisa can help.