Where do healthcare professionals look for information and resources? 

04 October 2021

So where do healthcare professionals look for information and resources? It’s the question all our clients want to know to make sure their information is accessible and meeting the needs of their customers.

Our recent survey of healthcare professionals who use Medisa helped to shed some light on this. There isn’t just one place they look for information and resources, HCPs look to a variety of credible and relevant sources from the NHS website, pharmaceutical/healthcare company websites, face to face or virtual meetings, events and also Medisa.

With over 50,000 registered healthcare professionals and patient users, Medisa is established as a trusted online source which healthcare professionals and patients can access to request the information they need.

If you have information and resources which you want to make available online contact Laura D’Souza on 01329 245600 to find out how Medisa can help.